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Hillary Clinton on Friday hinted at a willingness to shut down the embroiled Clinton Foundation, saying leaders are "looking for partners" to carry on the organization's work if she wins the presidency in November but that "it takes time." 

"I know the foundation is looking for partners but that's going to take time to carry out," the Democratic presidential nominee said while calling in to "Morning Joe" on MSNBC. "We're going to make sure we don't undermine the excellence and the results. 

"Winding down some of these programs takes time. You don't just turn off an off and on switch." 

Clinton's defense of the work of her foundation comes amid criticisms and attacks from Republicans.

The foundation has been a favorite line of attack for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who says it is evidence of her corruption. Trump and other Republicans have accused the Clintons of a "pay to play" relationship with the foundation's donors.

"The work has been not only transformational but it has really been in line with American interests and values," Clinton said Friday. 

Former President Bill Clinton said last week that if Clinton is elected president, the foundation would no longer accept foreign and corporate donations, and he would step down from the board and no longer raise money for the organization.