Hillary Clinton was ahead in dealing with immigration, changing the country for the better and dealing with a crisis. | AP Photo

A poll released on Thursday by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal showed Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by 9 points, with the Democrat polling at 47 percent and the Republican at 38 percent.

The survey said Trump is more popular among whites and seniors, while his Democratic rival is leading among women and AfricanAmericans. The two were close among male voters, with a 1 percentage point lead for Clinton.

Participants favored the Republican nominee on issues such as changing the status quo (48 percent to 26 percent), dealing with crime (44 percent to 36 percent) and standing up for America (41 percent to 39 percent).

Meanwhile, the Democrat was ahead in dealing with immigration (49 percent to 39 percent), changing the country for the better (42 percent to 36 percent) and dealing with a crisis (51 percent to 33 percent).

Both candidates polled within a narrow margin on handling terrorism and homeland security, Clinton with 44 percent and Trump with 43 percent.

The poll was conducted from July 31 to Aug. 3 and sampled around 800 registered voters. The poll had a 3.5 percent margin for error.