So, that happened. At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, expressions of party unity toward the nominee, Donald Trump, have failed to fully flower. The beginning of the convention was marred by two consecutive days in which the restless “Stop Trump” faction of delegates attempted to have their voices heard against the superior parliamentary maneuverings of the presiding party officials. Then, on Wednesday night, it was time for Trump supporters to let their feelings be known. They greeted Texas Sen. Ted Cruz ― who had pointedly referenced the anti-Trump faction’s demand for the right to “vote their conscience” as he declined to offer Trump his endorsement ― with a fusillade of boos and angry chants, drowning out the tail end of Cruz’s speech.

This is probably not the way Trump wanted his coronation to go. Despite the evident fractures within the party, however, there is one thing that does seem to unite everyone in Cleveland ― a keenly honed animus for Hillary Clinton. And this party conclave has taken that hostility to new, feverish heights with the constant chant of “Lock her up,” a slogan imported into the convention from the Alex Jones-led Infowars set that have been a constant presence on the streets outside the Quicken Loans Arena.

On this week’s edition of “So That Happened,” we hit the ground in Cleveland to talk to delegates on the inside about Cruz’s speech, as well as agitators on the outside who have deftly imprinted their own wild-eyed rhetoric on the proceedings.


David Becker / Reuters

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