Clinton has steadfastly refused to take a position on Keystone. | AP Photo

LAS VEGAS — John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said on Monday the former secretary of state is growing impatient over the long-awaited decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline and she “may have more to say” on the issue if the Obama administration’s decision doesn’t come soon.

Asked if there’s any chance Clinton will weigh in on the pipeline before President Barack Obama does, Podesta said, “It depends on when the president does it.”

Clinton has steadfastly refused to take a position on Keystone, arguing it would be inappropriate to speak ahead of the president because she had jurisdiction over the project at the State Department.

Podesta stressed that Clinton has the “obligation” to step aside and allow the president to evaluate the project.

“But she also has an obligation to say what she thinks and she’s getting a little frustrated as to how long that’s taking,” Podesta told reporters. “So, she may have more to say about that if the process keeps dragging out. But I don’t know whether it will or it won’t. I don’t have any inside information about how long that’s going to take.”

Podesta’s comments come after Clinton told reporters earlier this month that she is “getting impatient” on Keystone “because I feel that at some point a decision needs to be made.” She added: “And I’m not comfortable saying, you know, ‘I have to keep my opinion to myself’ given the fact that I was involved in it. So at some point I may change my view on that.”